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Kategorien : pop

Songtext I Wish You Were Here Klingeltöne:

I tried to stay cool about
Cause you always seem cool with that
Why do I try?
I Guess I want you to want me

When I say that I’m cool about it
I’m really not cool about it
Why don’t you come on by
Cos I I really want you to want
You know you’re all I think about
Don’t make me say it out loud

Cause all I think about is you-u-u-u
I wish you were here
(oh, I wish you were here)
Every time you disappear

(Every time you disappear)
I'm missing your body let me make it clear
Oh let me make it clear
Every time you disappear
I, I want you near
I wish you were here
Oh I wish you were here

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