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Sangria Wine - Pharrell Williams x Camila Cabell Klingeltöne:

[Pre-Chorus: Camila Cabello]
Yo sé, yo sé, yo sé, yo sé que tú quieres mi cuerpo, eh
Y quieres controlar mi mente, eh
Y todo el mundo quiere ser dueño de ella
Pero nadie puede, ¡ay!

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams with Camila Cabello]
Honey said she want somebody break her off proper
Man, she so relentless so nothing can stop her (woo)
Never left the city (come on, man) but she swear she's a yardie (yeah!)
Because it's so awesome how she move her body
She do the sangria wine (woo), sangria wine (uh-huh)
Moving side to side (woo), front and behind (uh-huh)
Sangria wine (woo), sangria wine (uh-huh)
Sangria wine (woo), do the sangria wine, yeah (uh-huh)

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